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I am so glad you're here. I am currently updating my website but to stay in contact with me and find out about my next pelvic health course launch, send in your email below. I can't wait to help you with your pain, down there and for you to experience pleasure again. I offer affordable workshops to get you started here. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/121414904247

September 21, 2020
4:30pm Eastern Time

For Vagina Owners

You don't have to live with pain down there. Better Sex By Sara's affordable program is designed for woman that experience pain during sex. This 12- week course will get you back to experiencing pleasure and experiencing life with the freedom of a life free of chronic pain. You are in the right place. Enter your email below for more details.

For Penis Owners

Knockout pelvic pain is a 12-week intensive course, designed to help you knockout pelvic pain once and for all. For more information go to. www.knockoutpelvicpain.com

Dr. Sara Sohn DPT, PT, WCS

Dr. Sara Sohn is a doctor of physical therapy, pelvic health specialist and sex coach. Her passion in life is to help people like you experience sex without unwanted pain down there.

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